Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what a way to start the weekend...

so, friday was a teacher work day... always nice, but now even better that bug goes to my school... she and i get to spend all day together. :) so while some of the other teachers were in meetings, bug got to have the whole playground to herself. she loves the swings.

then during our lunch we stopped by the "old prople thrift store" (it's attached to a retirement village), where i scored this cute apron and some ribbon and ricrac and bug got a doll... ALL FOR $1.24... HECK YEAH!!!

(this pic of the ribbon and ricrac is now the background on my phone!)
once we got home the wonderful king(ofalldrunks) took us out for dinner. as we were wandering around the streets of our little downtown afterwards we saw this neat idea (could probably be executed a bit better, but the idea is there!). it's one of the fake pumpkins, painted black with a crow on a perch inside... WITH LOTS OF RHINESTONES. :) pretty neat, may have to round up the parts to this and make one this week.