Thursday, October 1, 2009

sigh... dreams of a storefront...

with the umm... bazillions... of records the king and i now own (there's literally over 10,000) the idea of opening a store keeps coming up. the idea of a place to sell records, vintage treasures and artwork (of my own and friends) is one of the most exciting things i can think of!! so i have become obsessed with a storefront. this one in particular:

it's only about 4 blocks from our house, and less than a block from where herschell gordon lewis filmed 2,000 maniacs... how perfect?
the interior needs a bit of work, but not much... the new neighbors are a tattoo studio and it is 2 doors down from our favorite dive bar. the king keeps telling me we should wait till after the first of the year... I WANT IT NOW. probably why he's the one who thinks things through and i'm the impetuous one. sigh.


mrsb said...

I soooo want to open a metaphysical shop! A new, funky, young version, with hand crafted art and food grade herbs grown in my garden!

If I win the lottery, I'll help fund your shop with mine ;O)

Dixie X. King said...

it's a deal! if we win (ok, when we win the lottery) we will do the same for you!! <3