Wednesday, October 21, 2009

some lil projects i've been working on...

i made this lil quitie for an art quilt swap i was hosting on swap-bot... i was really happy with how it turned out and a bit sad that i had to mail it off! oh well, so it goes...
the first pic here is a close up of a felt applique with some embroidery (somehow even when i have embroidery thread with me i usually end up just doing it with normal thread... meh.).

this one is of the overall quilt, it was about 9x9 or so... (i think!)

heehee, these cuties were for a halloween themed softie swap! frankie and pinky. they are on their way (with a mutant bunny!) to the netherlands!! i'm so jealous!

a couple of food with faces plushies, an orange slice and some candy corn.

my pic of the completed ruby doll from the pattern over at one red robin has somehow disappeared i'll post it as soon as i find it again!anyways, she has already made her way to her new home where she seems loved... :)( (that's where the pattern can be found)

this is a pic of her in progress... (on my super rad purse, hahahaha!)

and a lil colored pencil drawing of a bride of frankenstein...