Wednesday, September 2, 2009

some summer silliness.

so one day we were out driving around (ok, really we had seen someone selling cellos on craigslist for like $30 and thought it would be funny to string one as an upright bass for bug...) and ended up in the parking lot of what i seem to remember being a dentists' office (it shared the lot with the music store that was fresh outta cellos. bastards.), where we found this great bear... kinda looks like it may have been yogi's buddy booboo in a former life?
this lil darlin' is miss patsy swine... she was yet another craigslist score... someone was GIVING AWAY three, yes THREE, potbellied pigs... being the portrait of self-control we went over there and managed to only come home with one. the hippie girl we get her from called her "shroom" (molly and chicken were the other 2 pigs names) we decided we would not be naming her 'shroom and put out the request to our dear friends for name suggestions... carrie faye came up with "patsy swine" and won. we were actually at the hank 3 show drinking with johnny paycheck's son, beau, so patsy swine seemed quite fitting.
patsy has proven to be the silliest pet EVER. how often do YOU have to scold a pig for running thru the sliding glass door and eating all the dogs' food? i have to daily... so strange. she and the ducks spend all day peacefully grazing in the backyard.
and that brings us to this little monster... his name is vato (yup, as in a mexican gangster). he is about 11 pounds of spoiled ass chihuahua (pronounced cha-hoo-ah-hoo-ah). bug and i saw him at the pound one day after we were at the pool. i sent jason a pic of him and told him there was a chihuahua and a ferret and that i was bringing one home, and he said "you know i don't want no damn ferret" heehee. bug would later use that when my mom asked why i got another dog. "because jason doesn't like ferrets" HAHAHAHAHAHA.